In today's dynamic political environment training has become more important than ever before for both local Law Enforcement and Government Agencies alike.
With looming budget restrictions, agencies are now faced with the toughest of jobs. How to adequately train personnel effectively while still remaining on budget and in line with directives.
Take a look at how Combat Zone can be a perfect solution to meet virtually every training need.

First and foremost is effectiveness! No matter what the cost if a training option does not accomplish the task, personnel, both LE and civilian are at risk and valuable time and funds have been wasted. In today's budget conscious financial climate that could mean putting next years budget allocation at risk! Our training packages offer a wide variety of low cost effective solutions to meet every Agencies training requirements. For local Agencies this means drastically cutting expensive travel and overtime costs associated with continued training by having a readily available location to utilize on a regular basis, further ensuring Agencies keep personnel at the absolute highest level of readiness and with the most current techniques available.

GPCZ is an indoor full range dynamic "real world" environment designed to mimic a typical city landscape. Our facility encompasses nearly 120,000 square feet of complex urban terrain and includes over 40 buildings with nearly 1/2 mile of drivable streets. Buildings include: 4 kill houses, Gas station, Bank, Office building, School, Minimart, Hotel, Apartments, full scale 737 fuselage with regional air terminal and a host of other buildings allowing Agencies to train for virtually every imaginable scenario from active shooter to traffic stops.

The facility also includes a 4000 square foot class room ideally suited for instruction, staging and post mission after action evaluation.

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